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Fun Activities at Sanibel Moorings Resort

Things to do on Sanibel Island from a staff perspective

We get asked A LOT about where to go and what to do on the island. Our answers may vary depending on what the guest likes to do, where they are from, if they have a car or not, and so on. For this article, we would like to give you some inside information asRead More...

Discover Sanibel Moorings

Sanibel Moorings has been a part of the island community for 43 years. During these past years, we have seen countless guests come through our doors, many of them return year after year, and some discover our beautiful property for the first time. Whether you are a first time guest or a repeat guest, thereRead More...

Sanibel Moorings Botanical Gardens

Imagine you are staying at a hotel on the beach, this could be anywhere in the world. Now imagine there is no landscaping, no color, just dirt. It doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Now take a second to imagine a Gulf-front property, lush with beautiful, colorful flowers, majestic palm trees, and lush foliage; completelyRead More...

Love is in the Air at Sanibel Moorings!

Love is in the air; especially in our Rose Garden! When you “Tie the Knot” at Sanibel Moorings Resort, you get to leave your mark in our garden forever. What a sweet little tradition!      

It’s Sea Turtle Season!

The sea turtle season has begun for 2015. Hatchlings will now begin to surface from their nests and make their way towards the Gulf of Mexico. It is imperative that all of us, as residents and guests of the Island, do all that we can to protect these endangered turtles. The hatchlings are guided byRead More...